I began management of the Evinrude.com website beginning right away when I started at BRP. Initially the site needed a lot of updates and improvements but the structure of the site was the traditional client/agency process. I worked with Nurun based out of Montreal, CA. This experience taught me that taking the time to have your communication and details organized before you give direction can save a lot on cost, time and confusion when working in these types of relationships.

2-3 years in, our website platform was evidently archaic and was ready for an overhaul of responsiveness, interaction and inclusion of our brand new engine line up. However, as we tried to migrate this with yet another large agency this process did not work and we were down to months before our launch with no website in process. This is where I learned to think creatively for fast achievable results. “What was the number goal?” I had to think to myself, and that was to announce the launch of our product and have a place where people can read and learn more about it. 

This is when we decided to re-skin the current Evinrude.com platform and include additional pages for the new engines, but launch a dedicated site ChooseYourETEC.com with a dedicated URL to drive all launch and media traffic to in order not lose the effectiveness of this Global product announcement.

After another couple years, corporate migrated their digital systems into a Digital Center of Excellence, where a new website platform is brought in-house and managed through different agencies when needed. Each brand would then appoint a “Digital Ninja”to lead the website and other digital strategies. As the Evinrude Digital Ninja, I quickly had to immerse myself in website UX design, and Adobe AEM/CQ5.

As sole content creator, UX designer and layout creation I realized my continued interest in design and content creation. The desire that something can continually not only change and update but also improve keeps me intrigued in this area.