I worked here for 6 years and my experience with this company and brand really challenged and opened up my strengths and potential in marketing. I started as a Brand Marketing Specialist that focused on our website, e-mail campaigns (CRM), social media and sponsorships. My role soon grew in responsibilities as we formed an owners group and online community E-NATION.  As we rallied our fans and owners we were preparing for the biggest launch in outboard history.

In, 2014 we prepared for our product launch invent which included inviting over 1000 dealers across the globe to Wisconsin. This was the most exciting time in my career when we launched the Evinrude E-TEC G2 engine. (See event details.) Our marketing department had grown lean and I was given the opportunity to step up and lead the GTM (Go To Market) plan for this launch. The engine was new to the world, a complete new invention. I worked alongside our Marketing and Strategic Planning Director to execute all the elements of a successful launch in addition to managing our digital marketing inititatives. Here is where I found my knack for process development, beautiful presentations and rigorous organization.

After this launch, we were quickly onto our next product launch for 2016. As our team started grow, my strengths from the GTM project led me to continue on my original path of Digital Marketing. As BRP aimed to build in-house departments for digital marketing, I quickly became their Evinrude “Digital Ninja”. Responsibilities included migration and training of a brand new website platform, learning Adobe CQ5/AEM and preparing the site to launch along with our next large product launch event. In addition to the website project, I was also appointed to lead or social media strategy and evolve our initiatives  to be Global. The next step was to “Think Globally” and begin combining the efforts of our website and social media to reflect all regions.