BVK – Advertising Agency

Sr. Account Executive

After my work in radio, I was extremely excited to begin working at an advertising agency. Working on the account side is what really sparked my skill to communicate and learn to speak to different audiences. Not only with my clients DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management  and Funjet Vacations, but not only internally between art directors and media buyers but also with clients.

My time working on the DeVry account was when we worked and focused on individual markets. Assigned to me were 3 district managers, and 14 markets. (CA, TX & MN). This is where I learned the importance of regionally targeting and how important it is to understand your demographic.  Each year we set the media plans for the different regions aligned with their specific needs in the market. This is where I learned about media planning, timing and budgeting. I was able to gain experience on what type of mediums worked from promotions to print ads. This started my love for Gantt charts.

  • Live at DeVry Concert Event in Houston with Pit Bull
    prospect students signed up for a free concert at the DeVry location parking lot through a landing page ad lead generation tactic.  The concert was promoted via radio.
  • Sponsorship with the Timberwolves in Minnesota – Giveaway and Awareness at the game
  • Sponsorship with LA Galaxy – Information booths and games before the game
  • Testimonial Print Campaign – San Francisco